About Us

We are a new UK based company that specialise in producing Arabic language learning resources for all ages. We have had many years experience in teaching and producing Arabic resources for children. The process of developing new ideas for durable, high quality and fun resources to teach Arabic for individuals, families and schools is continous.

Our quality products are designed to be durable and as child friendly as possible. We hope that these products are a good investment for you and your learners or children, and you continue to benefit from them for many years. All our products make ideal presents or EID gifts. A great investment for your children, family or friends and good for sadaqa jariyya Insha Allah.</td>

Our aim is to provide practical Arabic teaching resources to facilitate learning  Arabic in a fun and enjoyable manner.

Our goals are:

   1.To make learning Arabic enjoyable
   2.To provide practical designs that support children's learning
   3.To use Quranic vocabulary as much as possible throughout our products