'In my son's words: "this is the first time I want to read arabic isnt it ummee?" Alhamdulillah he is the one asking me to read a card, and another etc which certainly makes a change! ' Sister Nosheen, Slough
'I have purchased one of the Tool Kit and one of the Steps to Arabic. I have been using them with my 5 year old. They work really well together. My son is really enjoying learning how to read.' Umm Abdur-Rahman, Surrey.
'I am using the Tool kit with my 5 year old. I like it very much as it is very flexible, I can introduce a vowel at a time, or a letter with all the vowels at a time. It is a really useful teaching tool. Well worth the money!' Sister Umm Abdullah, London.

'At Date Valley School, Mitcham, we have been using the 'Steps to Arabic' reading scheme for a year now. The cards are child friendly and our children enjoy using them. The structure of the scheme has helped bring the reading level up. Nothing else in the Arabic market allows children to learn to read in a child friendly way' Razina Karim, Principal, Date Valley School.

'I found this to be a very useful product for teaching my children Arabic. The material is enough to last for an entire academic year, and the cards are durable and tough. The kids enjoyed using them and can see how much they have achieved' Abu Hussain, London

'An excellent product for our children. They enjoy using the cards and its easy for me to see how much they have progressed.' Umm Abdul Aziz, Swansea. 

'As salamou alaykoum, I received my 2 boxes, and Masha Allah I am very happy, the cards are very beautiful, with colors it's very helpful for children, and it's a product of quality. thank you for your help'. Umm Aymaan. 

'My four year old has really enjoyed using Steps to Arabic, it made her very keen to learn Arabic. I have recommended it to other people'. Inas, Swansea